A cry of despair

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A cry of despair Empty A cry of despair

Post by Ignis on Sat Sep 26, 2009 4:31 pm

Well, with all the noobs coming out of protection and all the attacks I make, So much fan mail is hitting me latelly. Most of them meet simple and direct replies as they are not even worth it. Others I do belive are worth a try.

Good job... Keep farming the low lvls whos just started to learn and play their game... Thats all what you can do with this huge feet? How pathetic...

Ah, always someone has to come, thinking they're so important and special that we just harm them... I'd be happy however, to correct your flawed perspective of my person though of course, it won't really matter much to you as such information bear no practical value to you.

You see, it's not just you who I attack on a daily basis, it's just every single person near me that isn't a league mate, an ally or has a NAP. The why would be something that I think, despite your hatred filled hot head, can very well understand. You see, all players around here have a few bad habits. Habits like harvesting comets, attacking planets (at least the unoccupied), I'm sure you can get to where I'm going, you like so many of the new players and the older ones, are taking resources. Unfortunately, there's not enough to go around so farming everyone around me, grants me more resources, as well as the guarantee that they will not be farming what's around, thus increasing my farming indirectly.

Now all of this is very good and all, but there is also another thing, a small player today is a strong player tomorrow. Take me for example, started fresh and proceeded to take out everything around me. Now with all the big threats already gone, one must tend to the small ones, so that they do not become a big threat... I will admit however that it becomes tedious to answer so many missives with people asking to cease attacks or vain threats to destroy me and my fleet... Still, trivial as such matter have become, it would be plain rude not to address them.

Despite what you believe or not to be the truth, I do wish you the best of luck and wait eagerly for another opportunity to communicate with you.



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A cry of despair Empty Re: A cry of despair

Post by Supax Tull on Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:02 pm

It must really suck to recieve a letter like that one from one of The Hive, knowing that there is absolutaly nothing that you can do about it; except of course, to bend over and take it. Hehehe
Supax Tull
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