I wonder if this will become something.

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I wonder if this will become something. Empty I wonder if this will become something.

Post by Ignis on Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:19 pm

Well, another noob came out of protection and of course, like any good neibor, there I was to greet him with some fire works and empty cargo holds. Of course this one couldn't just keep quiet now could he?

what was that for now?

Baffled with so much being said, I opted for a different than my usual approuch upon such matters.

Good morning. You are asking what was that for? Well, lets see if I can explain why did I attack you (or someone for that matter)...
You are within strike distance.
You are out of noob protection.
You have resources.
You can be stealing resources from comets/other planets (and there's not enough to go around).
You are too close to be allowed to grow, which, if left unchecked could become a problem in the future.

Take your pick from any of the above or simply just assume they all together.

With all the sarcasm and venom dripping I though he might simple give up, yest he answered and again with such a big missive. Something I took the time to answer at this time.

they are all good reasons to not to attack me.
instead of making a close planet an ally,you are making it an enemy by attacking.

My dear boy, you talk like if you had anything to offer or could put up some sort of opposition. Allow me to enlighten you as to your flawed perspective.

You have no capabilities to fight me off nor would I have to gain anything in allying with you. An alliance would result only in shortening my attack area and what would you have to offer me in exchange for that? Nothing! I've eliminated all opposition within 7 squares distance from my main planet. That which is left alive is only so because they have NAPs with my league, or rest assured, they wouldn't be here anymore. I don't like people moving into my farming area, those who do will find themselves becoming a farm... Some of them are just people who pay no mind to the universe around them and wrongly assume that they will be allowed to survive... Others, like you, are simply unfortunate to start the game close to me...

This being said. If you were like, 7 squares... Maybe 6 away from me, I'd have accepted another terms, I will of course have the interests of my League in mind when a possible good player might join. However you just happen to be too close for me to share space and lose farms.

With all said, all there is left is to apologize for my late response, but other matters of higher importance were brought up to lose my time with such trivialities. I do wait eagerly or another missive and wish you good luck in fending off any attacks.

This time I just answered in a different amnner than the usual. A bit more to the point with the right touch of venom and sarcasm. Left yet some bait for him to answer back again. Shall we hope for another missive?


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I wonder if this will become something. Empty Re: I wonder if this will become something.

Post by Tesseract on Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:29 am

It will be interesting to see how he responds. He doesn't seem particularly verbose, but perhaps, if he survives being placed on the Anvil of Ignis's Fury, he may be a useful addition.

Only time will tell... keep at him, Ignis! That which is not strong must be made so or be swept away!

I wonder if this will become something. TessSig2copy

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