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Interactive Roleplay: Origins Empty Interactive Roleplay: Origins

Post by MagnusTyrel on Fri May 29, 2009 11:48 am

The Games Master wrote:This is an interactive roleplay, for Members of the Hive feel free to join in to this roleplay of the birth of our Characters and the Origins of the Hive itself...


  • Type out of Character information in brackets ie: (Out of Character Information)
  • If your character is talking please use quotation marks ie: "My character is talking"
  • Everythign else please type normal
  • No power roleplaying as in dont determine other players actions let them react to your post
Have fun...


The Creation of the Hive is shrouded in mystery and myth some say that they were one of the first sentient Xen to evolve others say that they were the offspring of the first true Xen empire, however they come into existence is unimportant all that matters is how there story started, Thousands of years ago a Large barren asteroid drifted aimlessly through space its course random and seemingly unimportant however it was this Asteroid that would bring life to the Hive and to this day the asteroid holds this name as it continues to travel through the known galaxy and beyond.

The Hive Asteroid was special it housed the spawning pools of the First Hive Xen and would be there home before the creatures were old enough to venture out into space, the asteroid itself was massive larger than most stars some say it was constructed others say it was formed naturally over millions of years, yet these are still speculation and superstition the Hive is here and this is there story!
(Not sure if we decided on a story for the creation of the Hive if we havnt then I hope you dont mind me doing this as I hope this will help us to get to know eachover and hopefully work well together as a Fleet)

One of the first to pull its twisted hide from the spawning pools was the creature that would come to call itself Magnus Tyrel it began its life as a large intimidating creature pulling its hide from the pool with its large elongated limbs it called out in a shriek that echoed off the walls of the cave, it was the largest to have emerged so far and immediately proved its dominance over the other lesser creatures that had spawned before it, the most dangerous of these was a horned creature that took aggression towards the new arrivals dominative attitude, charging towards it the creature jousted its horn at the creature but it effortlessly swiped the attack aside avoiding the blow and the creature howled in triumph as it smashed its huge arms into the others head in retaliation, the sound of a satisfying snap echoed from its body as the creatures neck broke instantly from the attack, The newcomer roared again its sound almost shaking the very cave as it began to devour its victim...

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